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Some nice comments:

"1st off I would like to say you have some really beautiful photos. It is has been so hard finding images of African American kids on the net that I actually like. So I am so glad that you did the rounds for us. So great job on that."

"Your photos are incredible.  I’m grateful that you put those there.  I was thinking I was going to have to search for hours for the collage that my client wanted…and there it was all from one photographer."

"a note of encouragement...your photos are infectious and intimate. there are never ever enough functional photos of blacks or mixed groups of people. i'd really love to use more photos that reflect our community but there are so few to choose from. thank you for sharing."

"Thank you Anissa...
I really love your work. They are exactly the kind of photos that we need, but have such a hard time finding."

I have recently become quite smitten with my Canon EOS Digital Rebel... I'm addicted to taking pics! (Just ask my family - I'm totally overboard with it.)

You can view some of my stock image galleries:


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The images are free and it's a nice community to boot...

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You can view some of my personal image galleries
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Yahoo Photos

A random sampling of family and friends albums...

Galleries on my family reunion sites:

Barton Fields Thompson Family —
Green Wilder Family

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Model releases are available for some of the images. Thank you!!!

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